Offshore Call Center Outsourcing

Do You Agree With Offshore Call Center Outsourcing?

Offshore Call Center Outsourcing is a big topic as of late.Maybe because the issue has come up in many of the US Presidential Elections.  Basically, the United States is in need of jobs... Read more »

Are You Ready for an Unexpected Job Interview?

by Deborah Walker Most job-seekers wait to polish up their interview skills until they are looking for a new position. Important interview opportunities, however, can present themselves at any time. For example,... Read more »

The Under 30s Disloyal, Greedy Scum Bags

Toby Marshall What’s your view of younger workers? Our research shows most employers think they are disloyal, demanding, impatient job hoppers (and that’s ignoring the expletives). Positive (?) comments include Great if... Read more »