Philippines Leadership in Call Centers

Philippine’s Leadership Secrets Finally Exposed

Yes, you read that title correctly... "Philippines Leadership Secrets Finally Exposed!" However, before you jump to conclusions about what I mean, let me first provide you with some background.   It's not what you... Read more »

Call Center Leadership Goals?

An article in “The Leader in You” SeriesQuality of Call Center leadership is not unique to an age or gender.It is not bound by geography or awarded by nationality.Its impact transcends space... Read more »

Soft Skills Improvement and Following the Process Part One

We Don't Do Soft Skills?When I asked a successful process improvement consultant about his company’s approach to leadership and soft skills mentoring, he remarked, “Oh, we don’t do that. We’re not focused... Read more »

Buttercream Frosting And Cupcakes In Leadership Growth

"Toughen up, cupcake" is a common mantra when we're faced with challenges and need a little courage. Read more »

When A Manager Becomes A Leader

There is an intangible characteristic, or a charisma that makes someone a leader. Or simply stated, management is a career, while leadership is a calling. Read more »

Those Slackers

These slackers are always a problem for leaders, but I've found there are some basics of leadership that will significantly reduce that problem. Read more »

Meaningful Leadership Training

Many organizations today realize that they have been going through a period with less than stellar results. Read more »

Leadership Coaching: No Whining In The Workplace

Never fall in the trap of that individual. If you express sympathy to a whiner's sentiments, he or she will just realize that whining is a good trick to attract your attention... Read more »

Leadership Coaching: Influence As A Powerful Leadership Quality

There are motivating leaders, inspirational leaders, controlling leaders and so on. It is often said that there is no right or wrong leadership style. Read more »

Concepts Of Leadership: The Difference Between A Leader And A Boss

People typically ask is a good leader is born or made. What makes a good leader? Desire and willpower, and if you have these along Read more »