“Why Sales Training Doesn’t Work – Is Your Training Program a Waste of Time and Money?”

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Putting the “Service” Back in “Customer Service”

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Sales Games- From Call Center Games

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Sales Calls – Use Your Time Wisely

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7 Ways to Cut Loose from Old Sales Thinking

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Customer Retention Team Development

By Diana Liffick Handling account cancellation calls goes by many names.  Whether you call it simply “Cancellations” or “Customer Saves” or “Membership Retention”, it’s all the same thing:  bad news. Here are... Read more »

Asking for the Sale!

By Mike Dandridge DID I ASK YOU? The world belongs to the askers. – Brian Tracy “I’M going to read aloud the names on your customer account list and then I’m going... Read more »

Really WINNING Over Customers

By Diana Liffick Three qualities are needed to sell anything in life.  They are: 1.   STRENGTH. 2.   EMOTION. 3.   CONFIDENCE. If you are in sales or taking customer cancellation calls, exercising these... Read more »

Sales Techniques- Turning Sales Techniques Into Sales Success!

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Difficult Customers

Difficult Customers – There’s No Such Thing By Alan Fairweather A couple of years ago I had a call from a Customer Service Manager working in the paper industry. He wanted me... Read more »