Teambuilding Activities for Call Centers

Teambuilding Activities for Call Centers
By Hazel Rabor
Fortunately, companies have thought of different ways to help call center representatives cope with all these stress. One proven effective way is through teambuilding activities. Helpful in promoting communication and bonding as well as developing leadership, social and communication skills, the overall goal of teambuilding is to improve employees’ productivity and motivation.
As there are many types of teambuilding activities, the trick in choosing the right type is knowing the goal for each activity and making sure that the participants understand the purpose and objectives of such. Likewise, all planned activities must involve and require each team member to participate so that the overall goal will be accomplished.

There are games that aside from stimulating intellect and creativity, it more importantly helps team members get to know each other’s personalities better; hence, resulting into an improvement of how they get along with each other in the workplace. This is especially important as the harmonious relationship between employees play a great factor in ensuring the smooth flow of overall everyday operations.

Other games involve physical activities that promote teamwork such as tug-of-war, obstacle races and of course, the usual sports games that we are all familiar with such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, football and soccer. All these also help promote discipline, self-control, self-confidence and respect for other team members as well as relieve all the tension and stress that they have been feeling from work and yes, even domestic problems.

Activities such as eating out in a restaurant or picnic, having a fun day at the beach or going on a scenic route to visit a new place may seem simple but these can actually do wonders to improving an employee’s aura. A change of scenery and atmosphere can make them truly relax and unwind forgetting about the pressures of work for even just a short time so that when they come back to do the usual everyday grind, they are refreshed, renewed and in better form and spirit.

Of course, such teambuilding activities do involve expenses and may even come out to be a small fortune if the call center personnel are quite many but this pales into comparison with the overall effects of such an activity to the employees which are improving their productivity and motivation, helping to keep them balanced physically and emotionally, boosting their morale, and just giving them the chance to be themselves with their peers; hence, resulting into happier, more satisfied employees.

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