The Benefits of Quality Monitoring

Call Centers have a penchant for monitoring their agents. They tend to invariably monitor and strictly analyze the performance and calling skills of their customer care executives.

In this process, a supervisor or assigned authority listens to the phone call received or made by an agent, judge him and assess the positive points and weaknesses in performance. Thus, the level of quality is gauged and necessary improvements in Call Center Outsourcing Services are suggested to agents.

A monitoring program will bring upon results only when it fulfills the following attributes:


Simplicity: A monitoring program should be small, clear and direct in approach. The scoring method should be simple.

Impartial: The supervisor should be fair and unbiased while evaluating the performance of agents.

Consistent Monitoring Schedule: The evolution should be on regular intervals so that agents should not take customer service and satisfaction for granted.

The strata of Quality Monitoring are:

1) Walk-around observation: This kind of monitoring needs a meticulous and well trained supervisor as in this kind of evaluation supervisor take a hasty look at the call proceedings.

2) Side-by-side: A supervisor sits by the side of agent and provides immediate attention or feedback.

3) Plug-in monitoring: Calls on live are listened by monitoring supervisors.

4) Silent Observation: In this observation, an agent never comes to know about when he is going to monitored.

5) Record – review monitoring: Calls are recorded and then listened for evaluation by supervisors. In this monitoring, random samples are selected.

6) Voice and multimedia screening: Calls made by agents are recorded and listened by authorities and trainers based at remote work base.

The benefits of quality monitoring are immense such as:

Improved Efficiency and Cost Savings: Agent becomes attentive, their listening skills improve and as a result, faulty or bad calls are reduced. Handling time also reduces which saves you money because you know where to troubleshoot.

High Levels of Customer Satisfaction: With monitoring agents provide excellent Call Center Outsourcing Services and customer service because they have a pressure to perform well. The generated feedback are positives and customer – company relationship is furthermore strengthened.

Improvements in Learning and Trainings: After evaluation, you know where you have been lacking and which particular area should be focused while training customer executives again. You have live recording samples which can raise the learning ability of agents.

Increased Quality: When agents know that they have been undergoing a quality monitoring scanning, they fare well and accelerate the calling procedure without dropping the performance level.

The advantages of quality monitoring are vast. Along with above mentioned plus points, the following points are also come as bonus with quality monitoring:

• Analysis, in depth knowledge and improvement of scripts and processes
• Enhanced customer satisfaction
• Better understanding of common customer complaints and concerns
• General troubleshooting

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