The Under 30s Disloyal, Greedy Scum Bags

Toby Marshall

What’s your view of younger workers? Our research shows most employers think they are disloyal, demanding, impatient job hoppers (and that’s ignoring the expletives).

Positive (?) comments include Great if you can keep them.

Why so negative about the young? It seems to be a combination of:


1. Not understanding their major difference to previous generations: they will walk from bad jobs much faster than Boomers.

2. Easy excuse for employers to cover up their mismanagement; and for recruiters to cover their mistakes with Well, you know what Gen Y is like. They just won’t stick with a job!

3. And just because every generation in history has done it (And why not? They have youth. They deserve it!)

Does it matter that we demonise them? Well, yes.

1. Employers are less keen to hire them, contributing to the (perceived) skills shortage

2. It excuses employers from addressing the real issues of why they leave

Now, modern society is great at creating a ‘syndrome’ and then sticking a atchy label on it. A consulting industry grows up to fix that syndrome. So now we have Gen Y experts who will come and sort you out – for a nice fee naturally!

What a waste of money. With managing Gen Y, knowing just one thing is critical: they want the same things from a job as everybody else. It took some public humiliation for me to understand this.

Last year in a hotel down on the Yarra I was on my feet in front of 45 HR Managers imparting wisdom about recruitment. I get to the module ‘Creating jobs Gen Y want’ and deliver my first pearl of wisdom.

A grizzled old HR manager interjected But I want that in my work, so what’s different? I made my 2nd point and he did it again.

It took 3 interjections for the penny to drop. Age doesn’t matter, we all want the same things from a job.

What may vary is how much of each ‘bit’ we want – the relative weighting we put on it. For example, the young seek more fun at work than Boomers as they don’t separate their work and social life as much. Also, what each see as fun differs a little, but fun remains key to both groups.

So, they essentially want the same things from a job as the oldies – however, there is one BIG difference that really damages employers, that leads to the demonisation.

They won’t put up with being badly treated at work. Unlike bo


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