Top 4 Customer Service Skills For the Workplace

Top 4 Customer Service Skills For the Workplace

By Dave Vower

Having top notch customer service skills is the hallmark of a successful organization. Here are some of my favorite methods for improving customer service skills in your business or workplace.

1. Honesty. The most important issue thing to many customers when they deal with the people in your workplace is honesty. Can they trust you and your staff? If it’s found that the customer is unable to trust the people representing your company you’ll have all sorts of trouble dealing with them when trying to achieve any outcome.


Sales people are the most impacted with this issue due to the bad reception they often get throughout their careers. Become trustworthy and your customers will believe what you say and you’ll not only sell more, but you’ll have a more pleasant environment to work in.

2. Reliability. If you can do what you say you can do, your customers and clients will love you for it! Being reliable is the reason many people go back to the same company time and time again. Even if the service and pricing is not up to par! Getting the job done for some people is just as (if not more) important than getting the right price, or getting the best service.

In fact, it could be said that if you can get the job done better, and faster than the competition, you’ll beat them almost every time.

3. Friendliness. Striking up a positive relationship with those you deal with in every day life can lead to many future transactions and improved turnover through “up sells”. When someone feels comfortable working with you, they’ll make decisions more easily and they’ll happily follow your lead.

Just being friendly and kind can change someone’s day for the better, so why not just do the best you can to make the people you meet during the day happy?

4. Product Knowledge. If you know what you’re talking about you’ll do well. I have met many a sales person who’s biggest dream is to sell the most in the shop, so they’ve learned everything they can about the products we sell.

This has driven them to become the best on the floor in their field, and they get asked questions by every customer who’s interested in their product. Do you think they get more sales? You bet they do!

So there you have it. Get to know these principles and you’ll improve your customer service skills and be better at your job.

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