Top 5 Ways to Happy Workers That Work Harder

Top 5 Ways to Happy Workers That Work Harder

By Ronald Kevin Hilton

One of the worst things that can happen to a business is to have a high turn over rate for workers. Whenever you always have new employees and are losing older employees, your business becomes stagnant or grows very slowly because you are constantly training. Successful business have workers that know what to do, want to keep their jobs, and help the business grow. So how do you make sure you have a business that grows and keeps its employees? The trick is to learn how to keep happy workers.


Offer Unique Training
Giving your employees unique training once or twice a year can keep them working for you. Many people want to learn and grow in their jobs, and become better at what they do. If they feel like they have plateaued in your company with little chances of climbing the ranks, they are very likely to look for other jobs. Offering unique training gives them incentive to stay.

Respect Holidays
Be mindful of holidays that the country celebrates, as well as holidays that people of different religions celebrate. If you can afford to respect most of the major national and religious holidays, and give your workers (or those to whom the holiday applies) some time off, you will have happier employees that will want to keep the job that respects who they are.

Give Raises Twice a Year
Studies have shown that people can become bored with their jobs after a few months pass. It is when they become bored that they often begin looking for other jobs, something that will interest them. By giving small raises twice a year, you help re-motivate your employees, and you keep them working harder.

Always Give a Holiday Bonus
The holidays are the most expensive time of the year. When people get a holiday bonus before the season fully hits (say around the first week of December), you give them a chance to have a great holiday with their families. Most people appreciate this and will stick to jobs that ensure them they can make their holidays special each year.

Be a Buddy
You want your employees to respect you as a boss, and one of the best ways to do this is to be their buddy from time to time. If you show them that you are someone they can turn to as a friend and someone who will help them out when they’re desperate, they will feel the need to be loyal to you. This means being loyal to your company, which is always a good thing!

Remember that one of the cornerstones of a truly successful business is to have employees that work hard towards a common goal. You can do this by making sure you have happy workers. When you treat your workers well and you are certain they are happy, you are ensuring the success of your work team and your business.

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