Uplifting Call Center Operations Through Performance Management

Performance management is the driving force behind any successful call center operations.

To establish effective and best in service, Outsourced Call Center performance management system a rigorous implementation of a four dimensional program is highly recommended.


1) Goals and objectives: This dimension strongly emphasize on the management and employee relations. Supervisor-employee meetings, realizing the weakness and capabilities of team, understanding the targets, setting realistic goals and tracking the performance come under this phase.

Setting new goals, reviewing the existing ones – met or unmet, understanding the primary functions and resolution of any performance or administration related issue, if any, should be the agenda of the meeting. These meetings should not be for the sake of getting along as these meetings have the potential to lay out the success track for your organization.

2) Ongoing feedback: The second phase of performance management cycle is about managing a track report or status sheet of ongoing daily to daily supervision, training, reinforcing, actual performance and progress toward achieving the set goals and objectives. The feedback should be brief, up to date, maintained and consistent. This kind of tracking helps your employees to be active and aware while chasing goals.

3) Coaching: Training and learning is the keystone of every organization. Be it regarding organizational behavior or concerns product manuals or FAQs, one -on- one training always helps and motivates agents to exceed their capacities and attain the targets.

4) Performance based review: As the name suggests, this phase of the cycle is about results, rewards, rebukes and self analysis. This could be either project wise, monthly or on annual basis. A rating is assigned for every segment of performance expectation and actual performance. A supervisor, then decide and assign the new goals based on the performance level and evaluation of capabilities of an agent.

Review should be up to the point and unbiased. They should provide a chance of self analysis to agents to review themselves and rectify any performance or behavior related mistakes. A performance review should be drafted in a way that could inspire and motivate them to do better.

A performance management program strongly stresses on proper and accurate communication of the objectives of Call Center Outsourcing between employees and management.

Ella Greens is associated with Callcentersoperations.com and working as a Assistant Manager in Marketing and Advertising. Call Center Operations is a leading BPO outsourcing company offering high-quality Outsource Call Center services, customer care support, technical help desk support, back office support, telemarketing and software development services to all sized businesses across the world.


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