Want Top Customer Service? Relearn the ‘basics’

Want Top Customer Service? Relearn the ‘basics’

By John Borillo

We cannot ignore the basics. The basics serve as the foundation of everything, and they have brought us to where we are today. We may have become industry trailblazers earning the accolades of our peers left and right but at the end of the day, it is about knowing the very heart of what we do and excelling in it every day.

The boom of the call center industry says a lot about that excellence. Its core focus has always been managing the expectations of the customers. Any small business wanting to see real bottom-line results should be powered by customer service, whether it is set as in-house or from a customer call center.

Customer service can definitely build – or break – any enterprise. We should learn and relearn the basics of customer service, and apply them until they become a habit that never goes away.


1. Always sound more professional. For example, if you are used to words like “but” and “however”, you can try saying “and” instead. It makes you sound more optimistic.

2. Enunciate your words more carefully. Have you ever encountered customers who seem to be chased like a fugitive? If you are clarifying something, remember to say it slowly and accurately. Good customer service is getting the message right and being able to process those messages properly.

3. Be positive about your business, its procedures and its people. It gives the customers legitimate reasons why they are making business with you. Upbeat organizations attract more customers. Why would they want to come back to you for another sloppy service?

Here’s another quick tip: Remain mindful of the quality of service you provide. If we continue to put forth quality customer service for the product or a service we support, there is no question that new customers are created and the old ones will remain loyal.

In these tough times, there is still a level of service required behind our product or service to remain competitive in the long haul. You should have relearned that by now.

John Borillo is online marketing officer for Magellan Solutions Outsourcing Inc., an expanding call center for small and medium businesses.


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