What Does Ashley Madison Have In Common With Call Center Routing?


Yes, algorithms have become intuitive enough to be effective at introducing people to each other via a dating website like Ashley Madison or Match.com. 20% of Millennials (18-34 year olds) use a dating site. So, as algorithms continue to evolve, it is believed that more Millennials will gravitate to intuitive-based technology.


Because using sophisticated, software analytics has the capability to offer a more personal interaction. Detecting a customer’s desires with personality-based algorithms make matching up likeminded people a much easier task. Clearly, if you’re running a dating website, these algorithms are invaluable.

But, what if you’re running a call center?

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Do you hear the cash register ringing now? [Old school reference.]

What if you had the capability to match up customers to agents who have similar personalities? Assuming that all skill levels among your agents are the same (which they aren’t), you could conduct a symphony of symbiotic service. Or, you could match-up agents with customers like couples pairing-up to Two-Step at Gilley’s [another old school reference: Urban Cowboy]. Even so, though no two agents serve customers identically, these algorithms have the potential to further cut your handle times.

You might be thinking, “That’s great, Greg, but self-service is at an all-time high with increased, customer tech capability, especially with Millennials. If the customer has a difficult question, what will they need with a personality-compatible agent who can’t help him/her?”

Good question.

First of all, as long as matching up customers and agents takes a few seconds, there shouldn’t be a match problem. If the matching takes more than a minute or so then, handle times will take a hit and impatience ensues for the customer, naturally. Secondly, if a good match is made quickly, a profile can be built, based on the interaction, whether the agent is helpful or not. Furthermore, this question reinforces the need for specified training. Giving agents the tools to handle complex, customer issues will ensure that they have the knowledge to pass along customers. Basically, it is a bonus to be able to match up both agent and customer by personality-compatibility. And, think about it, if the customer has an agreeable experience with an agent of a similar personality, whether the issue is resolved or not, isn’t the customer more inclined to terminate the call with a ‘warm-fuzzy?’

Perhaps. Certainly, you hedge your bet, and maybe you still have a customer, especially if the solution is delivered to the customer as soon as possible.

If the agent/customer personalities are in-sync, what about skill-based routing?

Of course, skill-based routing is nothing new. Many vendors offer it. While matching the skills of the agent with the needs of the customer is a no-brainer, it still lacks a personality component. Have you heard of a company known as Mattersight?

Mattersight is a call center software provider that has developed a voice-detecting, personality-based call routing system. Using analytics developed by NASA, Mattersight has created a speech-based software that is sensitive enough to interpret, down to the syntax, what each word means and how to route each call accordingly.

"We've seen talk time decrease by 10 percent to 15 percent and have seen customer satisfaction increase by 20 percent to 25 percent for our customers," Jason Wesbecher, chief marketing officer says.

What supervisor doesn’t want improved numbers like that?

Maybe all that Ashley Madison and call center routing have in common is algorithms, but there is no doubt about it: the technology of servicing continues to improve. Ignore this personality-based, call routing advancement to your peril. If you aren’t up-to-speed on personality-based call routing, take a look so you don’t left behind.

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Greg Meares

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