What It Takes To Hire The Best People For Your Call Center

Call Center Interview Questions

The best way to avoid firing the worst people in your call center, is to hire the best people. Easier said than done, right? Wrong!

Ensuring that you hire the best people largely depends on your hiring skills. You can prevent a lot of headaches when you learn this art well. If you have paid attention through your years of managing, you know that there are similar skills and talents that separate the good from the great agents in your call center. Simply put, you already have a profile of who the best people are for your team. On the other hand, by default, you know what prospects to decline. And, who can afford to train useless bodies?

Some numbers bear that it costs upwards of $10,000 to hire and adequately train a new hire. That number cuts into profit margins quickly if several of those hires are made. Of course, if too many are made, someone (aka. You) is looking for a job!

To build a team of the best people, consider the following interview questions listed below:

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