Why the Philippines is the BPO of Choice

Did you know that, according to the LA Times, over 1 million Filipinos in the Philippines work in call centers and various BPO’s (business process outsourcing) today? And, most of them support American companies. For the following reasons, among others, the hub of the world’s BPO is the Philippines.

Here’s why:


The Filipino workforce is eager for the work

Where there’s talent and opportunity, let the free market reign! It’s as simple as supply-in-demand. The price is right in order for companies to hit the profit margins they seek. There is a growing need for the skills that they bring to the table. The job force in the Philippines has created an outsourcing climate of talent that is able to succeed in addressing all call center customer concerns. If you’re looking for agents to provide round-the-clock service, look no further than the Philippines.


The Filipino workforce is prepared to work

Much of the desirable, call center workforce is college educated and English-speaking. In fact, the English spoken by Filipinos is a dialect that is more akin to how Americans speak than the English spoken by agents in India.


Major American corporations are in the Philippines already

Companies like Aetna, Citibank, Shell and Nestle among others have operations located in the Philippines. So, follow the leaders; benefit from their knowledge decisions and behavior patterns.


The Filipino economy is growing

Harvard-trained Filipino economist Dr. Bernardo Villegas claims that the Filipino economy is tracking toward annual growth rates up to 10% through 2025.


There are 100 million people in the Philippines

The labor force is huge! According to the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics, “The Philippine labor force stood at 41.3 million as of October 2014. Compared with a year ago level, the labor force grew by 2.3% or an additional 925,000 persons in the active workforce.” Also, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey, Filipino labor trails only China and Asia India with Asian population by Asian group, U.S. civilian non-institutional population ages 16 and older, 2010 annual averages.


After living in the US, many Filipinos are returning to the Philippines

Because of the opportunities available in the Philippines, especially in the call center business, many Filipinos are going home. With the education and training they have received and built upon, strategically partnering with them in today’s world economy only makes sense.

There are many more reasons to be cited here as to why the Philippines can be your BPO. To drive the point home further, I’m going to add a personal footnote here:

I’ve been there, done that. I’ve traveled to the Philippines for many years. Their quality of life is not great but it is getting better. When I’m there, I am treated very well. Seriously, I can tell you from firsthand experience that the Filipino people are top-notch. They are fine people. They are kind and respectful, generally. Sure, you can always find difficult people, but in all of my world travels, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my personal and business time in the Philippines. Filipinos have high moral and ethical standards; they have a solid work ethic. They work hard to do right by their companies. In fact, the Filipino work ethic competes with the American one. Look, do your homework and find the best solutions for your center. If you need a reliable BPO for overnight servicing, don’t hesitate to choose to do business in the Philippines.

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